what power supply should I use?

I have the following components:
I7 3770k (not overclocked)
R9 290 (reference)
7 or so LED fans
Sound blaster Z sound card with drive bay
CD drive bay
16GB corsair veng RAM (2x8)

I currently have a corsair hx650 gold PDU that I'd like to use but I'm not sure if I'll need more power, Ive heard the GPU consumes up to 350w of power.

Should I get a new one? Or will 650 work for heavy BF4 playing?
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  1. It will be enough.
  2. You have an excellent power supply that provides plenty of power for your system. No need to upgrade.
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    The recommended PSU size is 600w with your setup so the PSU you have will be fine. Its also a good quality PSU So you wont be overtaxing it.
  4. Deuce65 said:
    It will be enough.

    You sure man? I don't want to destroy my machine
  5. Positive. HX series are very good PSUs.
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