How would BF4 run with this gaming rig?

So, I've just finished getting most of my requirements for my PC. So here are the Specs

Intel Pentium LGA1150 Duel-Core 3.2 Ghz

Soon to come a Evga Geforce GTX 660 SC 2gb

4GB of Ram maybe 8GB soon

Asrock Fatality Z87 Killer Series Motherboard

So those are all my specs (Not all, no need to bother asking abouthe case and crap). Hopefully you can help me :)
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  1. Yes, at Low-Mid settings
  2. Thought so lol, just needed to verify it. If I were to get a new CPU and more ram I'd say about, 16GB of ram a a Good Quad-core maybe 2.8 GHZ, Would that be enough to run at High settings along with the 660 SC?
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    At budget you should really go with AMD. However 16GB of RAM won't help (its plenty), 8GB is enough but buying a quad core will help.

    But the most important thing is to buy a good graphics card, Go with R9 270X (BF4 Optimized) atleast.
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