cannot install new graphics card

I have hp dx2355 km421av which is pretty old I can play crysis 1 in it. So I thought of putting a new gpu to replace the intergrated NVIDIA graphics . I bought a galaxy geforce 9400 gt which is low profile and does fit in the pci-e slot...

Then I shutdown my pc removed power and installed the new gpu and switched it on it opened normal with half blank screen so I clicked to install new driver update when it was installing the screen gave a video tdr failure and reboots normal with half screen any help will be appreciated..
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  1. You need to do more research before you just buy new parts. There are things such as drivers and power usage that need to be considered before you do things like this...I know this may not be the most helpful response, but Google, and tech guys at your computer store can be very helpful in making sure you don't do something like this to your computer :(
  2. The new gpu requires a psu of 300watts which I have and it is supported for my CPu but cannot why its not able to install the drivers as it detects properly in device manager
  3. Do you have the display cable (hdmi or whatever you are using) connected to the motherboard or the gpu?
  4. Yes vga
  5. Hmm, Perhaps go into the nvidia control panel and check to make sure the resolution settings havent been messed with
  6. I font know why but know when I open the system now the gpu is not detected so cannot open the control panal
  7. ok, so uninstall the gpu, and plug your monitor back into just the motherboard. Then you may have to go into the bios in order to change video settings if you cannot boot into windows successfully
  8. I can open now it Is like the primary video adapter is pci-e in bios and in windows dxdiag it is not showing the intergrated graphics instead microsoft basic display driver
  9. I am kinda newbee
  10. Pci-e will be your video card. You want that to be your primary display adapter while you have your monitor plugged into the card.
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    But i truly am sorry my frind, but i am going to bed and can no longer help you for now (sorry i wasn't of much help to begin with) hopefully everything ends up working out for you
  12. Thnk I am going to downgrade to 32bits and see in win 8
  13. I guess you might need my specs

    hp dx2355 (km421av)
    ram-sumsung 1gb ddr2 ram and transcend
    . 2gb ddr2 ram both 800mhz
    hdrive-160gb hdd
    psu-hp 300watts
    graphics-nvidia nforce 6140se 430ne

    new gpu-nvidia geforce 9400 gt
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