how to tell if your power supply is going bad

I cleaned my power supply with a air duster now it makes kind of a up and down humming noise,,.and the front of my case has a lightning symbol with a led above it that is my power supply messed up since I blasted it with air? Btw after I cleaned the power supply and first turned it on it made a scratching static. I hope I didn't mess things up and I don't want to fry my components. Any suggestions, Thank you
UNIT : Antec 850 watt true power quatro
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  1. How *exactly* did you clean it?
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    That would just be the Power LED, which only means that your system is turned on.

    Blowing air through the PSU shouldn't have done anything bad to it, though who knows. If your really concerned, you could open it up and have a look. Do not mess with or touch anything inside, the capacitors in PSU's can hold a lethal charge even months after last being plugged in. Your pretty much just looking to see if there is anything obviously wrong with it.
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