no IDE option in my BIOS

i get new PC DELL VOSTRO, and i am getting real trouble with it because i can't install win XP on it. and the cause is that don't contain IDE option in the SATA.
in the BIOS i have tow choices AHCI or RAID (and by default it work with AHCI).
is there any solution for this problem ?
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  1. So presumably the motherboard does not support IDE and you have an IDE HDD. The question is WHY??? If you get a new PC why are you trying to change the HDD and void the warranty? also why install Windows XP when is going out of support very very soon??

  2. i am not trying to change the HDD, i am just trying to install WINDOWS XP over win 7. and windows XP can't ne installed with the SATA bios is on AHCI .
  3. Is the HDD displayed in the BIOS, if so is it not displayed when you boot from CD to install os?
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    What Vostro model you have?

    Win7 to XP is huge downgrade, questionable as well.
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