GTX 760 : suddenly not recognised, Low res and low color depth screen

Hi people.
I built my own pc around may this year, but in november I bought my new video card. A EVGA Geforce GTX 760.
I removed the old one (Radeon HD6750), uninstalling driver before, and put the new card, installed the drivers, and everything was ok.

Mobo: Asus P9X79 PRO
CPU: Intel i7 3820
RAM: Corsair 32gb 1600mhz (4x8)
SSD: Corsair 180gb
HD: Seagate barracuda 2Tb
PSU: Corsair GS700

Yesterday morning (almost two months later), when I started the pc, I did note that was appearing some little colored boxes on the screen. So I decided restart the pc. Then, after the Windows logo, I got a screen stuck at 640x480 and with very poor range of colors. When I try open EVGA Precision X he says "not supported hardware detected" and when open NVidia Control Panel says "you are not currently using a display attached to an NVIDIA GPU".

I did some search on the web which gave me possible reasons, about driver issue or card-monitor link issue.

1- I uninstalled the driver and reinstalled the same drive from CD.
result: the screen came back to normal without driver, but when I reinstall the driver the problem returns

2- I changed the DVI output, and changed the monitor cable to VGA, using adaptor on the card.
result: change the DVI output dont make difference, and using a VGA cable the monitor cant detect anything and go sleep mode

3- I installed the newest driver from NVidia website
result: worse, pc reset everytime after windows logo on boot. Had to go safe mode and uninstall this driver.

4- I installed other driver from Geforce website, not the newest but newer than one from CD.
result: returned to original problem

5- Restored the system to day 17 (before problem starts)
result: restored to original driver, but problem persists

So is the situation I am now.
Someone has any idea about whats is happening?

thanks for atention.
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  1. might be a dead gpu... it should still be under warranty.
  2. Yes,
    is one suspicion, and is under warranty.

    but I should do more tests before confirm that..?

    I will put remove the gpu and put it again.
    I could test the old card, but is ATI.
  3. Best answer
    well... you can try another card, that will eliminate the cord/monitor and motherboard from the list of suspects.

    you can try a complete clean driver install... a bios update and fresh mb driver installs as well.

    you can also try another psu...

    but if all of that yeilds the same result i fear it's your gpu that's on the fritz.
  4. So, I installed my old Radeon, installed ATI driver and works fine, despite some error alerts on driver install which I didnt get in the past.

    I removed the Radeon, uninstalled the driver and put the GTX and did a clean install.
    But the problem stills.

    The PSU is new, bought at same time as the GTX.
    Almost convinced that is a faulty card.

    thanks for help.
    If the things turn dramatically I notify here.
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