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Does anyone know what sony did with their recent patch to make PS2 run faster? I have dual msi660 2G PE video cards and i routinely would get 150FPS or more depending on where i was looking, and rarely hit 60FPS even when there were masses of people attacking. Since sony tweaked PS2 i get a rock solid 56,57 fps, no matter the scene. I know sony targeted specifically nvidia cards and to do what they could to improve performance for as many users as possible but whatever they did actually punished users who paid for enhanced performance with higher end GPU's. If there were any tweaks or settings i could change, perhaps in an .ini file that would restore my performance or unlock whatever sony did i'd love to know. thanks!
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  1. Are you talking about the PCSX2 Emulator? They have no association with Sony.
    It only sounds like you flipped on Vsync, and you should turn that off again if you want those extra frames back.
  2. no, planetside2 - run by Sony Online Entertainment. They keep running "OMGF" (operation make game faster), and keep tweaking things with the last one "tuning" the game to work well with Nvidia cards. As i mentioned previously, it didn't tune anything for me, just locked my FPS at 56-57 no matter the circumstances.
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    Either way, that still sounds line Vsync.
    You can force it off, or to Adaptive (recommended).

    Off will enable frames over your monitors refresh rate, but that will produce Tearing.
    On will turn it on if your frame-rate is above 60, and off if it is below. Avoiding tearing.

    If you have a 60fps monitor anything above 60fps is wasted processing power.
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