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So I've been trying to overclock my fx6300 on my GA 970A-UD3 for 2 days now, no succes.. the slightest change I make in the bios results in it not booting properly.. Once in windows it runs okay, Though the mobo throttling it down stays a problem :( so far I got a stable 4ghz overclock on the cpu yesterday. But when booting from coldstart today it took 3 times to turn it on.. and again down throttled clocks on the cpu.. please help. I've looked in all the overclocking guides but the problem is this UEFI bios that comes with the rev 3 board. I'd love to get atleast a stable 4ghz clock at this point.. or just a stable anything.
Evo 212 cpu cooler.
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  1. what are you overclocking? If your overclocking the BUS no wonder your having hell. If your overclocking the CPU Ratio / Multiplier your doing it right but may need to force the voltage to be always at the max recommended voltage (I'd say 1.3V at MAX)
  2. I tried with just the multiplier and +0.075V at first, but it was way less stable than all the guides suggested. From that point on I've been messing with just mulitplier and a few suggestions on bumbing the bus up a bit and mulitplier down. Have yet to reach anything stable.. Starting to think I might've broke something serious.. as the motherboard now only starts up normally when I have no changes to cpu. If I change the slightest it starts booting weird again. Don't have too much experience with with undervolt/overvolt so keeping away from that mostly.
    Have all power reducing features like ce1 support and turbo off.
    Not touching volts.
    Only slightly adding multiplier... still no succes.. Now I know this mobo has some serious weak heatsinks so not trying to push it too much.
    Would just like to atleast gain something from my evo 212 cooler that I installed a few days ago.
    Thanks for your help regardless
  3. How would I go about 'forcing the voltage to always be at max recommended voltage' ?
    I haven't got too much experience with gigabyte bios.. This whole UEFI dual bios layout is completely new to me
  4. I had a N68-VS3-FX motherboard with a 50MHz BUS overclock so I really don't see the issues your having apart from no static voltage. I would recommend setting the voltage to 1.4V and not messing with the BUS as that can cause all sorts of mayhem, even DATA corruption!

    I'm also using a Z68AP-D3 that is overclocked by 500MHz to write this and that has weaker heat-sinks that the board you sent me.
  5. So my setup now is to just turn off the turbo and the cool n quite options
    Bumbing multiplier to 20 for 4ghz clock and Cpu Vcore offset of -0.05V (This bios only lets me put offsets)
    Heard some online stories about the Rev 3 version of my board AKA the one I have, Suffering the worst from throttling and heat sink problems.
    Will report back on this in a moment
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    Ok, if even the most mild OC isn't stable, let's double check a few basics 1st:
    - Brand & model of power supply (if you can't OC, it's power or temperature that get you 1st...)
    - GPU Brand & model (needed to see if you have enough power...)
    - CPU temperature, idle & under load (Prime95 for 20 mins) (use SpeedFan to check temps...)
    - CPU : stock multiplier

    Your MB : (not a real highend MB, but should be able to do some basics n stay stable...)

    But, stock is 3.5Ghz (4.1Ghz Boost)
    - I've seen 4.2 to 4.5Ghz for folks (1.3 to 1.38 volts)
    - SO, doesn't look like a heck of a lot to gain on this particular model....
  7. PSU: cx600m
    GPU: GTX 660ti
    CPU temp idle: 20c under load max reported temp 40c
    CPU stock multiplier: 17.5 (Think 20.5 for turbo)

    And Like I said, Yes it is a decently easy OC, Have gotten away with a lot worse oc's and kept them stable.. It's just this UEFI bios from gigabyte that puts me off a bit.

    Did as ganon suggested and it seems to be decently stable atm with multiplier 20 @4Ghz. Running prime soon, will include picture

    Current Bios settings:
    -Changed multiplier to 20
    -Turned off turbo and Cool n quiet
    -0.025V vcore offset
    -changed voltages from 'auto' to 'normal'

    Might be my budget build mostly that's biting me in the back now.
  8. Forgot to mention,
    PSU: Crosair cx600m
    GPU: Nvidia 660ti
  9. In games clocks stay stable, Clocks throttle only under prime stress test
  10. Ok, plenty of power and temps look good.....

    Try limiting the number of cores/threads in Prime95:
    - 3 : clk & temps
    - 4 : "
    - 5 : "
    - 6 : clk & temps

    Let's see if this sheds some light on things. (hey, if you can run 3 or 4 cores on a solid OC that will support best performance on most games. Not too many use 5 or 6 cores yet...)
  11. I decided not to stress it this time and run the more heavier games I own (crysis 3, metro 2033)
    It all stays stable
    Thanks for all the suggestions and help with getting me through this
  12. Cool, with the newer 6 core CPU's they don't seem to like running ALL cores at high OC's...

    Looks like 4.5Ghz gaming on 3 or 4 cores looks good...........
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