the best cooling system for a nzxt phantom 820 or corsair 900d

well the title pretty much explains it :/
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  1. I would get a Corsair H80i, it's on sale, two of these , and one of these . That will give you amazing airflow and you will not have any issue with overheating.
  2. He Is joking ^

    I would get 2 Nzxt Kraken x61's. They give some of the best cooling performance. I say two because you might plan to water cook your GPU at one point in time. All you have to do is get the NZXT bracket that allows you to use cpu coolers to cool gpus.
  3. Water cool*
  4. I'm... joking? Or rather, was 9 months ago? I mean it doesn't seem like a funny joke to me.
  5. No no! You took that the wrong way bud! Sorry about that, I meant like for "best" performance an h80i is far from best. The OP didn't specify whether he wanted a 120mm or 240mm or 280mm or 360mm. So I went with the average 240mm-280mm.
  6. Yeah, the H80i is not the best performance, but it's a good medium. For the best performance you should build a custom loop or get a phase change cooler for $800. The H80i is enough for some good overclocking, but also allows for money to be spent on other parts too. It all depends on what you're going for. It's been 9 months without much response from this guy, so we probably won't be able to get any more info.
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