how much increase in performance will I get?

I currently v have a HD 7850 1 gb .

I wanted to get a gtx 760. Should I get a r9 270x and a sad or the 760?

I know I can sell my HD 7850 for at least $100.
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  1. I like this one:
    You will get a nice boost if you upgrade. Even better if you can sell that 7850 for 100$ :)
  2. All depends what your trying to 'increase in performance' to do. Are we talking your FPS in BF4 on triple 24' 1080P monitors or we talking rendering the newest 3D Graphics of Shrek 6? If for gaming there is plenty of 'benchmark' scores out there, but I personally like as it does a whole series of different games to give you a 'idea' based usually when paired with a i7 core CPU (naturally).
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    GTX 760 is bit faster than R9 270x, so I would vote for GTX 760.
  4. 1080p single monitor at 60+ fps. My current GPU I run bf4 on medium to maintain 60 foods fps minimum.
  5. ran some benchmarks on current card:

    Hitman absoluton:
    min .6
    max 24

    tomb raider
    min 43
    max 64
    avg 53

    sleeping dogs
    min 5
    max 32
    avg 23

    cards im looking at: OR
  6. All the cards are good and will give you almost same performance in game. But I would go for EVGA 760. Your benchmark will go high. Good luck.
  7. Gtx760 is a great card, beats r9 270x...
  8. I was thinking about getting the zontac 760 since it is cheaper at $230.

    It is a blower style card. Will temps but that big of an issue with it? I have arctic silver ceramique 2 I can put on it, and I can get after market cooler later if I need to. Does this sound better than the 270x?
  9. Yes I prefer NVidia over AMD, and ZOTAC is a known good maker, go with it.
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