Best pc for 2000 euros

My build

gtx 770sli,i7 4770k,crosair h100i,haf x,Asus VG248QE LED,gigabyte ...oc(not force),8 gb ram vengance pro,platimax or ax 1200i

i dont need mouse,keyboard,sound card..
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    Are you asking about compatibility? If so you show 'crosair' if this is suppose to be CROSSHAIR then that's not, it an AMD3+ mobo - but then you show a GigaByte OC, which I'm assuming is the Z87 mobo which would be compatible - DRAM, monitor, Cooler, CPU would all be compatible with the GigaByte OC mobo (though for higher end on the 1150 socket I'd suggest Asus with the Extreme, Formula or Hero), Asus seems to have the best handle on the Z87 for OCing and handling DRAM
  2. crosair h100i is cpu cooler,idk but gigabyte has 4 slots for gpu and vi hero has 2
  3. can you sugest me good gpu config and psu
  4. How many cards are you thinking, two gives a good boost three and more have a diminishing return (less increase in power) with your budget think I'd look at maybe a pair of Asus 780 CUs (at the moment) depending on when you want to purchase might wait till Jan - nVidia is expected to release their new Maxwell (the 8xx) series of cards and the 7xx cards may drop in price - for a pair of GPUs I'd look at a good 800 watt PSU (prob SeaSonic, though there's other good ones also) if thinking Tri-SLI the 1000 watt or better
  5. ok thanks
  6. No worries, let us know how the build goes ;)
  7. vi hero is sold at store,can i buy ga z87..oc
    and i will buy gtx 8xxx when it comes out
  8. You wanting the GigaByte OC mobo - it's not bad, would be fine
  9. is it good to wait for 8xx series
  10. i would never buy pc without experts help,thanks
  11. Keep us updated ;)
  12. is it better i5 4670k with 3 way sli or i7 4770k with 2 way sli
  13. What will you be using the rig for?
  14. and can you recomend me parts for build,i need monitor
  15. For gaming, depending on the GPU you decide on the 4670K with 3 Cards would be the better scenario, though on a third card you see diminished return, better to go SLI with 2 stronger cards......Monitors would in part be personal preference and budget
  16. ok thnx
  17. MY budget has increased so Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD5 TH or Maximus VI extreme or Gigabyte GA-G1. Sniper 5
  18. I'd go the Asus Maximus VI Extreme, it's a great mobo ;)
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