Will this graphics card and psu fit my case?

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  1. It is maybe best thing buy new case.


    Or if you like leds and lots of fans..

    But you can buy leds fans to any case if you like.
    Id look new bitfenix case. They look really cool. Ghost, Rider, Ronin..

    Then PSU. This is good.

    And video card.

    GTX 760 or 770 is good pick too.
  2. I'm trying to step away from getting a new case because my budget is low haha, will the psu and graphics card fit and work in the case I have? and is the graphics card compatible with my current computer? (like the mobo)?
  3. Just want to know if the ones I've picked will fit and are compatible :)
  4. Not sure if they fit in your case. But better buy is GTX 760. Near same price what older 660 do have.

    Id look better PSU like super flower, seasonic (XFX) or something better.. More reliable than corsair.
    Look here too. http://www.overclockers.co.uk/
  5. Well this gpu seems pretty good and I dont think I need a new psu for it or anything :L
  6. Look 280X too. There will be sale after Xmas :)
    But sure that asus looks good choice.
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