Best gaming laptop under 500

So i found this lenovo with an 7670m 2gb graphics card, i guess that's as good as it gets? Any other deals u guys might know of? Thanks!
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  1. Yes, it's very good for the price.

    Another option (slightly costly) can be Acer Aspire V3 551G-X419, that comes with the same APU.
  2. I saw an acer with similar specs so im guessing hats the one, but im leaning towards lenovo because of quality.

    In another note theres an acer in amazon which is 600 with taxes included but has an nvidia 720m as well as an core i5, how much better better is the 720m??
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    7670M is definately better for gaming than 720M. So, go for it, if you will be gaming on your laptop.

    Otherwise, i5 is slightly faster than the AMD APU.
    I would also suggest you to go for Lenovo, coz it offers a better package overall.
  4. Yes, i will do so.

    Thanks for your opinion!
  5. Lol i dont live in the uk but price looks great for specs... time to try international purchases xD
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