2400 ghz RAM / Fan controllers / Fan LED control methods

First time builder, I'll put my build in my profile in case any additional parts info is needed, and I've put links to the parts pertaining to this post at the bottom. Sorry for the lengthy post. I did my best to structure it well so it's easier to follow. Thanks for any feedback/comments.

Question #1

So I got this RAM on sale for like $112, its the G.Skill Trident X series 16gb (2x8). Its DDR3 2400. I noticed that most mobos don't support 2400, either isn't advertised in the product description, or it isn't supported out the box and may require overclocking to achieve. The only one I could find that seemed like a safe bet was the Asus Crosshair V but I'm not about to drop 230 on a mobo, especially when the community seems to have mixed opinions on 2400 ghz RAM and whether or not it's actually beneficial. So I just went with the ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0 AM3+ AMD 990FX. This will allow crossfire using 2 x16 slots but what about the RAM? I have heard that overclocking the RAM is #1: risky, and #2: really only for benchmarks.

I'll just say this:
I'm in it for pure functionality and getting the most benefit and performance out of my parts with the least amount of risk and maintenance. The mobo says it supports 1866 and 2133 o.c. which I assume i'll have to do that manually somehow (no clue how yet). Is it your opinion that 2400 ghz is worth it and isn't difficult to achieve nor does it bring any unnecessary risk to my parts? If so, how do I go about overclocking it? All I really plan on doing is Photoshop and gaming.

Question #2:

I've bought a NZXT Hue Controller (which features knob controls for a LED strip placed in the case) and a NZXT Sentry LX fan controller (the bigger one). The Fractal Arc XL case comes with 3 fans and 7 fan slots, and also has a 3 speed fan switch on the top of the case; the NZXT fan controller monitors 5 however. I have purchased a cougar red led 140mm, 2 Enermax T.B Vegas Trio's (120mm) most likely for the front, and have a corsair h100i which has two 120mm for the top. That leaves 2 additional fan slots--one on top and one on bottom--which i'll use the stock fractal r2 silent series fans that came with the case and have one stock fan left over..

Whew! That was a lot of info. Anyway, so my questions on this matter are: Since the Sentry fan controller only monitors 5 fans, if i wanted to control the speeds on all fans, can I connect three fans on the case fan controller/switch and then the other three on the NZXT sentry? Not even sure if you can control the fan speed on the H100i. If you can't, then I should be able to connect the remaining 5 with the Sentry. Also wondering if I can control the LED function on the trios and the cougar via the Sentry or the Hue RGB controller? If not what's the easiest way to do this without having to open the case?




T.B Vegas Trio 120 mm fan:

Fractal R2 Silent Series Fan 140mm:

Cougar Red LED Hydraulic (Liquid) Bearing 140mm Fan:

NZXT Sentry LX:

NZXT Hue Controller:
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    1 Nothing wrong with the ram you bought since it will have no problem running slower with tighter timings, it probably has some OC profiles built in that you can activate in BIOS/UEFI or you just set speed and latencies manually in BIOS.
    2 Can not really comment on so many fans since I never use more than 4 in my builds and never use fan controllers apart from what is built in on the motherboard.
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