New Gigabyte GeForce 660 GTX Computer won't boot past bios.

For Christmas I received a new graphics card for Christmas as well as a new PSU. I put in the PSU which is 600 watts it worked perfectly. I then proceeded to uninstall all of the drivers for the old AMD graphics card. Whenever I installed the New NVidia 660 GTX by Gigabyte it starts to boot gets to the BIOS or BOOT MENU screen and freezes. I cannot input anything and it refuses to work. I tried taking out the internal battery and it still doesn't work. I put the old graphics card back in so i could use the computer but since I don't have any drivers it won't work. If anyone had any ideas it would be appreciated.
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  1. Does it boot when you remove the GPU?
  2. It works when i put the old one in but it doesn't work correctly as I uninstalled the drivers. But i need to get it working with the new card.
  3. You should download a driver sweeper and see if that works or try the GPU in another PC to see if its defective.
  4. I am unable to download a driver sweeper because when i put in the old card chrome will not work so i have to use my iPod to type this. Also since it needs more power and is pretty sizable I do not believe that any of my other friends computers will be able to run it.
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