problem with tv connected with hdmi cable

okay so i have a little problem, my pc is not recognizing my tv with hdmi cable, it worked earlier this day but i installed sp1 for windows 7 and then it stopped working.
i did everything i could, on nvidia control panel and the screen resolution.
the pc is not detecting it, i disconnected the cable from the tv and the pc and reconnected it, restarted with the cable out\tv off and nothing helped...
i tried to start the pc with the hdmi cable only and it worked on startup but when windows load it stopped working, only vga was responding.
i have gtx 780, didn't change driver version.
windows 7 64bit
i even formatted the pc for it to work and nothing...
please someone help me i need the tv to work
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  1. okay so i tried to connect it to another tv in the house with hdmi cable, and it worked
    only on the tv in my room its not working :/
    i dont know what to do im freaking out
    i connected my xbox to the hdmi on my tv and it worked, only the pc didnt...
    please somebody help me with this **** im freaking ouuuuut
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