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Hi all,

I am buying anew computer and will be buying one with the i5/i7 processor. I am also wanting to get the r9 270x GPU. I'm only getting one for now, but will probably add another in the future. Which processors are Crossfire able? Thanks!
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  1. I think both intel and AMD are both backwords compatible with Crossfire/SLI.
  2. I know they are compatible with each other in general, but I'm not sure that every intel processor has crossfire capabilities... I could be wrong... I need to know which model(s) to get
  3. I don't think CPU's decide weather you can support SLI/crossfire or not. Its the motherboard/psu.
  4. Ok, well I am not doing the build myself, I am going to by a dell or ASUS, etc.
  5. Alright enjoy your build!
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    Support for CF or SLI is determined by the motherboard (chipset and slots available). What make/model of motherboard is being used (or considered for use)?
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