i5 4670 vs FX 6350/4350 STOCK, which runs cooler?


I'm wondering which of the stock CPUs runs cooler under heavy load? No overclocking, just right out of the box.

I tried to look around the web for info but didn't find any sure answer.
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  1. Not sure, but the i5 4670 would be the best CPU out of the lot. Performance-wise.
  2. I'm not interested in performance, only temperature, but thanks for the tip : )
  3. If I may offer some advice, cooling is application based on the CPU usage and the environment. You don't buy a CPU because it's cool. You buy one because of performance and then apply cooling techniques. When it comes to the CPU itself, load on the CPU determines the temperature. For example, the 6350 can run very cool if it's off or just browsing the internet. It can also run very warm or hot if you're playing games and have zero air flow. Like wise the 4670, while stronger and able to handle CPU based programs better, can run very cool and very hot based on the environment.
  4. they all run cool if you don't use it.
  5. Hi,

    If you don't overclock, all the cpu mention will run fine and won't overheat.
    +1 on environment. If your not playing heavy games and doing computer intensive jobs, all cpu should stay under 60 degree most of the time.

    The i5 4670 could be the hottest but will have better performance overall and cannot be overclock.
    While the 2 amd are able to overclock and this is where the cpu's could build up heat.
    I think that the i5 4670 max temps it 100 degree while the fx one are 70 max. So if your are in a region where it's hot, the Intel might be a better option because it can handle more heat.

    Keep in mind though that you want to keep these cpu under 65 degree anyway you can.
  6. Thanks for the answer. Guess I'll get an AMD and use the money i save from the Intel on extra cooling : )
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