1gb 650 Ti Boost Run Skyrim?

I have a 1gb 650 Ti Boost that I found for $130. I figured that was a pretty awesome deal, so I picked it up. I'm wondering if I could run Skyrim on at least medium with mods at 1080p. I've heard that you need 2gb for Skyrim but those cards were out of my budget. I've got a FX 6300, and 8gb of ram.
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    You will likely be able to run it on high with some mods, but just download a program like msi afterburner. (with no mods this card will run the game at 1080p on ultra and be kinda close to maxing out the memory of 1gb)
  2. sorry forgot to add, but msi afterburner's onscreen display will allow you to monitor how much videomem usage you are using while gaming :) also the 650ti boost is about the best card in that price range :)
  3. the 660ti can be had for $180 and will eliminate any problems you might face with the 1gb restriction
  4. Thanks for the reply :) also do mods that don't change anything graphicly cause a decrease in performance?
  5. Yes, usually they will only take up more memory, but texture mods and some lighting mods can create a performance skyrim has 108 mods and looks better than crysis....but it is also nearly as demanding as crysis now lol
  6. Well, since I was planning on modding it heavily, I guess I'll just put it on medium and then mod it.
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