GTX 780 core clock speed

these are the two gpus im considering for my build. theyre basically the same price, is the 10 dollar mail in rebate worth sacrificing for a gpu with a better clock core speed ? am i gunna get a noticable difference when i play in terms of fps ?

please let me know what you guys think. anyone with these chips plz tell me your experiences with them !!!
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    You will not notice a 1.3% difference (between 967 MHz and 980 MHz) IMO.

    However, if you do get the slower card, you will keep thinking about it and wondering how much better the other card would have been. It will ruin your fun. The stress will become unbearable. Your hair will go white. Your digestion will not work properly. You will suffer for years, until you finally upgrade again. You might as well pay the extra $10 and avoid all that...
  2. The dual ftw one is faster, it may be at the same or slower clock speed, but it has slightly higher end components (talking about the one in the second link). This means that it will overclock to slightly higher. Either way it is very unlikely you would notice a big difference between the two cards
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