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I just got some money for christmas and have been thinking about buying a new CPU. Wanting something that's not too expensive but will still get the job done, I got my eyes on the Intel Core i5-4670K. However, i checked my Socket, and it's a LGA 1156. The CPU specs say it fits a LGA 1150. When checking the wiki page for the 1156 it says any i5 CPU should fit, but other people I've asked say it doesn't fit. In short, does the i5-4670K fit in a LGA 1156?
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  1. It will not fit. Sorry to say. It only fits in a LGA 1150.
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    It might fit but it won't work.
    You need same socket.
    Also 1156 socket is discontinued, you will need to change the mobo if you want a better cpu.
  3. dextermat said:

    It might fit but it won't work.
    You need same socket.

    Alright, thanks. Do you know any 1150 mobos that are not too expensive?
  4. Dextermat is correct. The 1156 socket is discontinued. It is possible to find CPUs that will work with that socket, but they are pretty expensive. A newer motherboard and CPU will perform better than most 1156 CPUs and will be cheaper.
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