Xbox 360 elite disk tray wont open or close.

So, i got my xbox 6 months ago and it was working perfectly yesterday and today i decided to pick up gta v. So i tried opening the disk tray to my 360 and just heard some motors and it was locked close. after spending $80 on a game i was unpatient so i grabebd the disk tray and opened it manually (pulled it open with my hands) and put the game in and it still wouldnt close so i just pushed it closed with my hands. It still says opening in the dashboard and when i press a it just says closing for a secound and then goes back to "opening" which it does neither. I searched everywhere for solutions but none worked im about to bring back my game and throw my xbox 360 off a balcony. i dont know why i even invested in this bullshit.
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  1. Why did you pay $80 for GTA V? MSRP is $59.99 and I got mine for less with old trade-ins.

    Anyways. I am assuming you purchased a used one. When investing in used items - you should expect things to fail. If you wanted new quality you have to pay for new quality with the manufacturers warranty.

    The component that tells Xbox the tray is closed is broken and needs to be serviced by someone who knows what they are doing and aren't jamming things around.

    Sorry to hear the tray is broken. Perhaps ask the previous owner(s) or bring it back to the store you got it from and see if they can help.
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