Sudden slow wireless internet

I've done a few searches on this but none of it sounds the same...I just purchased a Lenovo Thinkpad a month ago. Just as of yesterday, the wireless internet has slowed to a crawl. Lan line works, which is what I'm using now.

I did install Skpe yesterday, I'm concerned that screwed up registry but I don't know how to check or repair that.
Any help would seriously be appreciated, I've tried searches but none of them seem to work or apply to my situation.

Possible needed info:
Lenovo ThinkPad Edg E531 6885 Notebook PC
Windows 7 Pro

Please be patient with me, I will try to supply any needed info on this.
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  1. Skype typically runs in the background as an auto start and will eat bandwidth. Look in the options of skype setup and turn off auto start and see if that improves your wifi.
  2. If Skype is loading, and trying to connect - that could be eating your bandwidth. Try exiting out of Skype (I don't have it automatically loading like Microsoft wants you to do) - and see if that makes a difference.
  3. I turned all of that off when I installed it, and just double checked. I don't see anything for Skype running now, in the background, or on startup. Thanks for the suggestion, though!
  4. I feel so foolish. After resetting the router, the problem seems to have stopped.

    I'm really sorry for wasting your time, but thank you for helping me!!
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    Glad you got it up and cooking. Make sure you have skype set to manual start - it'll pull a lot of bandwidth even in idle.
  6. I have three laptops had my router ckd by xfinity. 2 laptops worked fine. But lenovo yoga 2 is slow 1.25 to .18 mps.....i had lenovo ck it out they conected to it. Did a bunch of stuff i already tried. Then did a factory reset. Told me if it dont fix the prob to send it in for repair. Only 6mos old. I waited for the reset to finish.....still slow no change. I had a wireless usb internet hookup on my tv player i decided to try it. I disabled the wireless card on lenovo plugged in the usb wireless fob and ran the setup. And walla i had 48mps. Its connected to 2.4mh so its a little slower but not bad. So the moral is lenovo is using bad wireless cards. I want to replace mine with 7260AC but heard it has problems too. Gona do some research to see if i can go to a different card altogether. Hope this helps all you people with slow internet on lenovo laptops.
  7. In my case
    my labtop wifi slow down from 10m to 4m
    I found solution to solve by

    1.uninstall wifi driver at device manager with (no checkbox delete the driver).
    2.rescan hardware your wifi driver will appear again.

    that magic my wifi speed test up to 10m like lan pc.

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