AMD FX-8350 vs AMD FX-8320

I need help deciding what CPU to put in my build for gaming, video editing, photo editing and video recording. Thanks
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  1. FX-8350 is a little bit overclocked than FX-8320. You could gain the performance of FX-8350 with FX-8320 if you overclock it.
  2. If you're going to be overclocking ,they are extremely similar in performance.
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    As above. An FX 8320 is essentially an underclocked 8350 - with a simple multiplier bump you can get 8350 speeds out of an 8320, for less money and usually you don't even need to touch the voltages. So an 8320 is basically a cheaper 8350.
  4. If you dont want to overclock go with the 8350, it will give better performance out of the box at stock settings.
    If you are going to OC then i see no reason to get the 8350 since most 8320's can be OC'ed to 4ghz quite easily.

    My 8320 is currently at 4.2ghz with a slight undervolt at 1.275v.
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