650ti boost 2gb vs saphire 7850hd 2gb

Hi again guys.Im currently running an msi gtx 650ti boost 2gb in my dell xps 7100.I got a gift of a saphire 7850hd 2gb and am wondering will I keep the current msi gtx or would the saphire improve things for gaming?My resolution is 1600x900 and im happy with that at the moment.Any pointers much appreciated.Thanks guys.
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  1. Hi:)
    The AMD 7850 is a faster graphics card. If you click on the link below you will see a performance comparison of the two cards:)

    Have a great new year:D
  2. Thanks jay.Any idea if I can run this and overclock with a dell studio xps 460watt psu?The recommended is 500watt.Iv read a few threads on the forum saying it will be fine but just for clarification.:)And Happy New Year to you:)
  3. It should be fine unless you have a power hungry CPU. What is your CPU?
  4. That's a link to a 650 ti not ti boost. The boost version is about equal to a 7850 while the regular isn't near as good. I would use the one that has the features you want such as physx, shadow play and shield for nvidia and mantle for amd.
  5. My cpu is the Phenom 2x6 core 1055t thuban.95watt I think.
  6. Thanks shadow didn't spot that.yes its the boost I have on board and have to admit its a great card so far.Temps overclocking are great never near 60 under full load boosted.
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    Ah yes sorry my bad.
    I have lots of threads on the go at once. this is the link to the boost.
  8. May just stay as I am so doesn't look like ill gain.Thanks again guys excellent advice happy new year:)
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