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Hello everyone, I just recently got a new "Starter" Gaming PC. Specs...
The PSU is actually a 430W that doesn't seem to have any problems yet. I'd like to buy a card that will play most modern games like AC4, BF4, NFS Rivals, and Call of Duty at high-ultra settings with a playable FPS. The highest I'm willing to spend is 250$, it would be best if it could be under 200$. Thanks!
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  2. monitor resolution?
  3. I'd say buy yourself the GeForce GTX 760:

    Slightly over $250 with shipping. If you would like a nice video card for even less, I'd recommend the GTX 660.
  4. CepheiA said:

    Anonymous said:
    monitor resolution?

    Monitor resolution is 1 32 in. TV @ 720P
  5. 260x/650ti............. you don't need a big card at that resolution. even though it's low res I would invest in a card with 2gigs of vram. that's my opinion. no need to spend top money.
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