Need advice on upgrading my graphic card

At the moment i have a AMD RADEON HD 6450 graphics card and i want to upgrade to something a lot better so i can play the new games coming out like Battlefield 4, i would like to pay under £300.
i dont know acactly what specs my CPU is but its an AMD Quad core 4.2GHZ
Dunno about anything else
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  1. I am not fully aware of european prices on graphics cards, but a 270x would be a good card, and in that price range.

    There is also the gtx 770 and 780. These will both be cheaper and ever so slightly more powerful than the amd counterparts (the only reason for this recommendation is because of the recent price increase of the 280, 290 and 290x graphics cards)
  2. Best Graphics Cards For The Money: December 2013 (UK Edition, and UK prices),review-32850.html
  3. Thanks for responding so quickly, i will have a look at the cards you have listed, thank you
  4. Good luck, hopefully if you do choose the amd side, the prices come down, or have not even spiked yet in your area (in canada right now the 290 and 290x are almost as expensive as the 780 ti)
  5. will this graphics card beable to run battlefeild 4 or planetside 2 on high settings?
  6. The only thing to note if you don't know what type of PSU you have then I wouldn't get anything more than a AMD 7750 with 1 Gig of GDDR5 (make sure its not DDR3). That card will run off the pcie slot with out issue anything may not, if you willing o upgrade you PSU with something like this

    Then you can get the 270x or the Gtx 770 (etc look at the link 2x4b posted).

    Note even the 7750 Gddr5 will blow your current video card out of the water and is consider by many as an entry level gaming card (your current card not in the same league.)
  7. yes that GTX 770 is a very nice card but you will probably need to upgrade your PSU
  8. i will look in the morning what PSU i have and i will get back to you tomorrow, if thats ok
  9. Yes just giving you a heads so you don't buy a card it doesn't work because you can't power it or worse and the PSU get damaged and you can't boot up you PC any more.
  10. Download and Run SPECCY to give us your system specs (first tab just copy and paste). While you can 'play' BF4 on even a low end system, you will get very laggy low end performance (10-15fps on crappy graphics) if you go cheap. you don't need to spend thousands to game, but you do need to take into account everything to play these 2013 games, they are serious demanding systems.
  11. here is my computer specs:

    Operating System
    Windows 8 64-bit

    AMD FX-4100 50 °C
    Zambezi 32nm Technology

    16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 669MHz (9-9-9-24)

    Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. GA-78LMT-USB3 (Socket M2) 51 °C

    LC-39GL12F (1920x1080@60Hz)
    1024MB ATI AMD Radeon HD 6450 (ATI AIB) 57 °C

    931GB Seagate ST31000525SV ATA Device (SATA) 37 °C

    Optical Drives
    ATAPI iHAS124 D ATA Device

    Realtek High Definition Audio
  12. the r9 280x is really good. When mantle comes out it will run everything really well. Here have a look at these:
  13. but you should really upgrade your CPU before getting any new graphics card.
  14. Ok basically if you want to do a full sysem upgrade your going to want to get a FX 6300 (I check your MB and it does support it), 280X and probably a new PSU waiting for you to post the info. If you want to do mid range upgrade I would suggest a 270x (leaps better than what you have ) and probably a new PSU. But again if you want to go on the cheap you could just get a 7750+PSU if you need and still have money left over for a new CPU. 7750 is about 70+ 6300 is about 83 and a good PSU is about 55 (on amazon uk). So actually you probably could get a 270x, PSU and cpu and hit the 300 on head.
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