Program to moitor CPU temp and overclock the fan?

I wanted to know if there was a program i could use to monitor the core tempature of my cpu and overclock/ speed up the fan on it, also will overclocking a fan void your warranty?
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    CPUz to monitor CPU temperatures:

    There is no such thing as "overclocking a fan". The fastest rate that they will spin at will be achieved by plugging them directly into a 12v output from the power supply (although you may need an adapter for the cable).
  2. i thought there was a way to ramp up the speeds though like in MSI afterburner?
  3. Most fan profiles administered by software will start a fan running at a partial speed (lower voltage) to lower the noise floor, and then speed it up (raise the voltage) as temperatures increase.
    To run a fan at full throttle, the software will increase the voltage to 12v.
    you can achieve this manually by connecting the fan directly to the PSU.
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