Playing laptop games on an external 3D monitor.

I got the Asus VG248 3D monitor, (mostly for console gaming), but I like to connect it to my gaming laptop through HDMI when browsing the web, etc. It would also be nice for gaming. So I launched several games that were on my laptop, and they are not as good on the monitor.
It lags, and the colors are not correct. Is connecting with HDMI the best option, for gaming?
Or should I get a PC for that.
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    plugging using the HDMI seems fine, try adjusting the colors, brightness settings of the game, and also bumping the graphics settings down in the game,

    since you connecting to a different screen to play games other then your laptop, the screen has a bigger resolution so it will work the graphics card more, so yeah try bumping the graphics setting down a bit and see if it improves the lag.
  2. I set the graphics settings and everything to the lowest, and sadly it still lags. Also I didn't think it would be important to mention this, but the game has this red and blue coloring everywhere, not sure how to explain it.
  3. try using a different HDMI cable, i dont know if that will help, or probably through your friends if you can get another screen and test it using the HDMI cable to see if that works properly or not on another screen...
  4. I tried connecting it to the tv, not that I can play my laptop games on it but for checking out the display, yes it's the same as on the monitor.
  5. well so far you have lowered the graphics down to see if it lags or not, and you have plugged another screen (your TV) if the problem persists, maybe something wrong with the cable, try using a different cable, or something wrong with the HDMI port (hopefully not).

    next i would suggest is connecting your asus monitor to another computer using HDMI and see if the monitor works properly on another machine properly.
  6. Problem is, I don't have another PC or laptop to connect this monitor to.
  7. if you could get the help of a friend with this one, that would be great.
  8. Alright I'll try to do that. I'll be testing out his games and checking for display issues.
  9. let me know if you are able to troubleshoot your problem after doing or if it still is there.
  10. For his it's sort of different. I launched a benchmark he had on his computer (valley benchmark 1.0), there is red coloring everywhere. So something white would be pink, cause of this red display covering it. Maybe it's because this is a laptop and there's not enough graphical power? If so I'll be buying a PC soon.
  11. no its not that case, i have a laptop and i used to connect it to my 42" TV and the colors and everything were fine, no issues whatsoever.

    I am guessing its either your HDMI cable that you are using is causing some issue or could be the HDMI port (i am not sure) because usually connecting a laptop or pc using HDMI to a screen is a simple process, shouldn't be any issues with colors and stuff.
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