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Im building a gaming rig and I have a question.
I've been testing my friend's rig, which is windows 8, and I noticed that, he gets about 200 fps in fullscreen, while 100 fps in windowed, which on windows 7 only happens if you have aero enabled, while in windows 7 with basic theme turned on, gaming in fullscreen and windowed basicaly have the same fps, 200/200, and I have a question, if i get windows 8 and only play in windowed is there any way i can get the same fps I get on fullscreen on windowed mode?
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  1. I am not aware of this issue on windows 7 i always get higher FPS in windowed mode even with aero. I would make sure that in windows 8 settings set everythkng to basic and use basic backgrounds etc. Just out if interest why do you not game fullscreen?
  2. forgot to add usually there will be no visible improvement when your FPS gets above 60-70
  3. Because for example in windows 8 (consider it aero) since it doesn't got basic even with everything disabled, i play fullscreen with like high settings, I get 50-60fps, if I change to windowed/borderless I get like half. And windows 7 (basic theme) I get 50-60fps on high yes, and on windowed/borderless I get almost the same, or usually higher I don't play on native screen. I play on windowed because of dual monitor, and alt tab faster, and while in alt tab I can see whats happening on the game still, instead of fullcreen, it just minimizes everything just to go to the other monitor.
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