EVGA GTX 650 Ti Boost or Sapphire Radeon 7850

HI guys another question here.

Im about to buy a new video card, and the 2 above are my choices,

Which of the two will be better in terms of gaming?

my pc rig:
asus p8z77 m pro
2 pcs 4 gb ram

the sapphire 7850 costs 10$ more than the EVGA GTX 650 ti boost

If the sapphire is better, is the 10$ worth it?
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  1. The 7850 does perform better, and is worth the 10 dollars I would say.
  2. i like the 7850 it what i use but the only thing wrong with your choise is the sapphire part my last 2 have been real disapointments. went through 2 since feb and went with a powercolor and could not be happyer with it. cost alittle less then the sapphires and work way better. sapphires stock went way down with me.. also my buddies 7770 sapphire was doa [all cards bought from newegg]
  3. Do they both have the same amount of memory ?
  4. Best answer i don't know the price difference but the 7850 is much better than 650ti. I recommend the 7850 even though im a big nvidia fan :)
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