Weird pc issue: randomly shutting down

So guys i have this weird problem. My pc is shutting down and then after a few minutes it comes back on again.

I thought this might be overheating problem but i checked the temperatures and they are all normal: all components are at room temp when idle and cpu and gpu at 40 and 55 respectively when i am gaming. Sometimes it also shuts down when idle or doing light desktop work (word processing etc) so i believe it is not shutting down due to overheat.

Then i thought there must be something wrong with my power button, so i turned on my pc and disconnected the power button but the problem persists.

Is there a chance a virus/malware is causing this? Any help would be appreciated!

My pc is 1 year old with following specs: cpu: 3570k intel, graphics: radeon 7950, motherboard: z77 sabertooth, psu: 850watt corsair
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  1. If not overheating, check power supply voltages. If they are varying, it could do this as well.
  2. How can i check the power supply voltage?
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