which pre built pc should i buy for gaming i dont want to build it myself but am willing to change the cards if possible

im only 13 but i am desperate for a new pc and as far as i have seen pcs are the best for gaming i preferably need it run minecraft with little to no lag i dont know how to build one myself and honestly i wouldnt be allowed to. i live in perth WA so stores in that area are what i need
please answer as i really cant figure it out myself

PS: my max buget is 1500 but feel free to recommend it if you know one just over.
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  1. $1500 for minecraft? Any $400 should run minecraft maxed out just look for one with an AMD A6,A8, or A10 CPU.
  2. This is kind of a broad question. It might help if you mention what stores you'd like to buy from, or what is near you. Also, is minecraft the only game you're interested in? or do you want to play the latest and greatest? Minecraft is not a demanding game so $1500 is overkill if that is all you want it for.

    Do you need a monitor, speakers, m/k etc...and are those factored into your budget of $1500?

    A problem with a lot of pre-built systems is that you usually do not get a very good video card.

    I can understand being intimidated by building your own, but it is actually extremely easy. There are guides out that will explain each step and even without those guides you can figure it out by looking at the motherboard manual. Heck, most pieces will only fit in one slot and in one orientation. Is there a reason why you wouldn't be allowed to build your own? If it is worried parents then try to enlighten them on the benefits of building your own?

    If you can get the gumption and permission to do it yourself you will get much better value for your money.
  3. Best answer Has a decent gpu and comes with mouse, keyboard and wireless.
  4. That looks pretty solid. Nice find AltF4ToFreedom. I might add an SSD to that as the boot up drive. Besides that, it should handle games now and for a while to come. Under budget to boot!
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