i5 3570K is extremely hot even when idle

I recently got myself an intel core i5 3570K for my gaming pc that i built (I was using an intel pentium dual core G2120 before and had no problems). The problem is that even when it's only about 1.7% load, im seeing temperatures of about 70°C.

This obviously means that i cant game or much else whithout getting a BSOD. I am using the stock cooler.

Is it possible that the cooler isn't making appropriate contact?

Extra Info:
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7770 (Double Dissipation)
MotherBoard: MSI H61M-P31(G3)
PSU: Corsair CX500
Ram: 4GB
HDD: Seagate 500Gb Barracuda
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    It very well could be that the CPU is not being cooled correctly. But take note that even at full load a CPU can handle up to ~85c. But if you are getting very high on idle. It's probably to do with the CPU cooler not being connected properly. Try to reseat your CPU cooler, I have the 3570k and on Idle I average 25c, without OC, with OC I idle on 35-40c. Hope this helps!
  2. Yeah, if the temp is ramping up like that at idle then it's probably not making full contact. Make sure all of the push-pins are firmly in place on your motherboard to ensure full heatsink contact. My old 2500k would get up to 90c in BIOS because of that problem!
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