Is it my GPU or my PSU causing my computer to BSOD while gaming

Everytime I try playing any game on my computer it seems to run about 5-10 minutes then BSODs and restarts. I have replace my graphics card 4 times and doesnt seem to do the issue. I am starting to believe that it is my PSU causing the issue. I have a coonix 600watt. It might be going bad or maybe just not putting enough power to my computer. The graphics card I have is a Nvidia GTX 760.

PLEASE HELP! sick of pulling hair out over this.
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  1. download realtemp, it monitors cpu temps, and also run memtest, as this could be a RAM issue.
  2. I already did the memtest and and everything turned out fine. My temp at idle runs at 27 degrees celsius and under load its around 34-37.
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    i experienced this before, or it might be just coincidence,
    probably the (hdd/ssd) OR PSU that start failing
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