Double-checking wattage for new build

Hey guys,

I'm in the process of building a new gaming rig, and I wanted to be absolutely certain my PSU can provide the wattage I need, even while under strain:

Specs:(PC Part Picker doesn't list the case or the Optical Drive, leading me to assume they both draw negligible wattage)

The model of PSU I was planning to add was the Rosewill Green Series RG530-S12 530W. Originally I was going to get a 500W Corsair builder-series PSU, but my understanding was they had come under fire recently for reliability issues.

Will this be enough to power these components without fainting on me?
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    Yes that power supply is more than enough to power the build. you can overclock as much as you want
  2. The CX series can have some issues with the secondary capacitors after awhile, but its still is a horrible budget unit. There are many out there that are worse by far. The rosewill isn't a bad unit, but the 500w EVGA is a good unit and is a bit cheaper than the rosewill.
    For $59 you can get a 600w EVGA
    But the 500w would be more than enough for that build.
  3. 06yfz450ridr said:

    Ah yes, I was looking at that one too; Corsair's 'semi-modular' PSU.
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