If I have GDDR5 Graphics Card, then am I supposed to get DDR5 Ram for it to be compatible?

I am building a Gaming PC and I want to get this Graphics Card:
But I want to know if it says GDDR5 Graphics Card, then do I have to get GDDR5 Ram? And is there such a thing as GDDR5 Ram? If so then is it possible to have 16gb of ram with GDDR5 ram? Or can I just use DDR3 ram for the desktop?
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    gddr5 ram is only on gpus, they have ddr3 for motherboards and they are releasing ddr4 very soon, but you just need to pick up some ddr3
  2. The two are completely different things and are not related in any way.
  3. Motherboard memory and graphics card memory are two different things.
    The best consumer motherboard memory available is DDR3.
    The best graphics card memory available is GDDR5.
    You can use a graphics card with GDDR5 memory on motherboards with DDR2 or DDR3 memory.
  4. So should I put both GDDR5 and DDR3 in my pc?
  5. Your motherboard needs DDR3.
    The graphics card will have GDDR5 soldered on to the pcb and can not be changed.
    You definitely want both for best performance.
    The GDDR5 is used only by the video card. The DDR3 is used by the processor and to store information for the video card.
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