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Here is the problem: I have a custom water-cooling loop with my GPU and CPU in it and I was overclocking my CPU yesterday. I have SpeedFan, ASUS AI Suite II, Coretemp, and Open Hardware Monitor. When I was runnning Prime95, I got different readings with each of the programs. When I use Speedfan, (for some reason) my computer just crashes after I open it. When I used coretemp, my temps reported as a nice 50C on load, however, at the same time, AI suite reported that my CPU was exceeding maximum operating temperature. There were no errors in Prime95 and I don't know which temperature is correct.

UPDATE: I opened hardware monitor at idle and found something interesting. I see ITE IT8721F at 40C and my CPU core reading at 26C. AI SUITE is reporting the 40C for my temperature. Is AI SUITE picking up the wrong sensor?
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  1. bouncedk said:
    You are probably getting confused because there are two temps you have to consider (and some apps only report one of them). First one is the socket temp, second is the core temp. Core temp on FX processors will be abnormally low when the cores are below 40c, that means they are nice and cool. If/when they reach 40c, you'll get accurate readings from that point onward.

    Socket temp is of course measured by the chip located on the motherboard.

    Max temps for all FX processors are;
    Socket = 70c
    Core = 61c

    If you use hwinfo or hwmonitor you'll be able to see both temps.

    After you have checked both temps are good when running Prime, you can go ahead and use your favorite temp monitor again.

    Ok. The problem was that AI Suite said my CPU was overheating when it actually was cool. The socket was reaching above 61C, not the CPU. Thank you for the information.
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