Graphics Card Upgrade Need Answer Quick (Please Help)

I'm looking for a new graphics card for my PC and if necessary I will upgrade the power supply. I have this:

Name: Inspiron 660

Processor: Intel i5-3340 CPU 3.10GHz

RAM: 8 (7.87 usable)

System Type: 64 bit

Graphic: Intel HD Graphics ( Now do you see why I need a new graphics card)

Power supply: I'm not sure and I can't really open it up, but I did some reading and it might be a 220 or it could be a 300 I have no clue. If i need to open it up (if there is no other way) i might be able to (with some help/ instructions on how to find what i need)

I want to play games like Skyrim, Rust, Civ V, Chivalry, ect.

I don't have a budget yet but I would like links to products and insight from people who know what there talking about.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. If there is something noobish about this question or something else i need to upgrade please inform me. Thanks again. (:
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  1. Also if you need more information just say so and I'll do my best to get it.
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    You need to supply a BUDGET as you say, but here's a rough idea of what you can do.

    You need TWO components, a Power Supply and the Graphics Card.

    a) $40 PSU-> Antec VP450
    b) $110 HD7790, or GTX650Ti (check benchmarks)

    a) GTX760
    b) different Power Supply (i.e. 500W with enough 6/8-pin connectors)

    In between these are GTX660's, HD7850/70, and prices should drop on the new R9-270X in the near future (last I checked they were new and overpriced.)

    Above this are the GTX770's for about $340 (plus power supply).

    SKYRIM is nicely playable on a wide range of graphics cards though I recommend 2GB of Video RAM. I would recommend spending a minimum of $200 and get an HD7850 2GB or better plus a quality, suitable power supply.
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