Which GTX 770 2GB is better for the performance

Hi there i am buying a geforce GTX 770. I want to know which i should buy though for the performance I DO NOT CARE FOR THE PRICE. So far i know of EVGA SuperClocked, Asus DirectCU and gigabyte WindForce which one is better for the performance and if these aren't the best type what is?
Thank you 1 million times
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  1. While I can recommend the 760 and especially the 7870, the Asus 770 is a disappointment.

    The EVGA SC series is to be avoided if your goal is to overclock. Unlike Asus, MSI and Gigabyte the SC series is the only factory OC'd card of the bunch that does not use a custom PCB and beefed up VRM to handle the additional load.

    That leaves the MSI N Series and the Gigabyte Windforce both of which are clocked at 1137 Mhz. The EVGA is at 111 Mhz and the Asus pulls up the rear at 1058 Mhz ... the Asus is capable of overclocking as high as the two 1137 ones but Asus' unwillingness to guarantee the 1137 puts it on my "no recommend" list.

    Personally, I use the MSI's for 770 builds and the Asus for 7870 builds. I'll use Giga if color scheme, limited availability or price advantage. The EVGA SC I wont touch but the EVGA Classified series are excellent
  2. GTX 770 lightning, but it is much ideal to step up to gtx 780 ya know.
  3. The Lightning rocks....tho, like ya said, if ya gonna get one, might as well spring for the 780.
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    I would suggest the Asus or a evga classified, I've never owned a msi video card but i heard they are good. I agree with Jack you might as well go with a gtx 780 because it's a much better card.
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