9370 TOOOO HOTTTTTT for me

Ask you can tell my the title, this beast is wayy to hot for me to game with.

This is a 9370 FX Unlocked, running stock speeds, with a non stock CPU air fan.
Its a cooler master, was around 40 dollars, was great with my 6100.

Purchased this monster, and was running bf3 and then the CPU Degrees C was 70c Steady, which i know is way too hot. but the funny thing is, right now typing this forum its only at 5 degrees celcuis, opening applicaitons go to about 30 celcuis, gaming is 70 celcuis, too hot for me to run it.

Need to get water cooling, first question is can you reccomend me one for 100 dollars that will keep this F****** beast cool enough?
Cannot return, newegg doesnt have a return for this product.

second question is there any way i can get this CPU to run cooler on this fan?

thanks alot!
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  1. h100i is probably one of the best and most popular closed loop water coolers
  2. is there anything that i can buy that is cheaper than that?
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    I dont know much about this one but it looks pretty good Cooler Master
    Seidon 120M
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