need help with SSD and old HDD/moving some files please??

Hello everyone. Here is the deal tomorrow/today (its 2:30 am for me) I will be doing a clean OS install on an SSD. I have win 7 sp1 on my HDD with all of my programs/files.

What i would like to do is move 1 game and if possible my user profile and any drivers i may need to the SSD after OS install. Is this something i can do without re-installing the game on the SSD? Also do i need to do something special to access files on the HDD since it also has an OS on it, or can I just plug it in and it will work fine?

My main issue is that Dell bloat ware and their version of Win7 install does not play nice with some programs. A good example is AMD Overdrive. I do have another HDD I could use or I can buy an External HDD since i have Zero back-ups of files and programs.

Sorry I kinda made that super lengthy; short version can I move one game and maybe my User profile from my HDD to new SSD with fresh OS install? Do i Need to do anything special to actually access files on the HDD once SSD and HDD both have Win7 on them? And Should I just use a new HDD and External HDD instead?

Thank you all in advance.
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  1. you can clone your system with tools like clonezilla, but games only with steam. Drivers can't be moved.
    A clean install is the best option, but also takes the most time!
  2. yeah I was gonna back up my drivers on a dvd and then load them once the SSD was done I suppose it doesnt matter about most of those things I can always re-download/re-install that one game. The big thing that does matter is that I am able to just plug in my old HDD and have access right to all the files asap think that will be a problem?
  3. not sure if this helps any but i have a recovery partition and I am pretty sure that the OS is on a smaller partition. So currently my HDD has 3 partitions on it.
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