Very first build, feeling nervous. Looking for an expert look-over of my component selections.

As the title says, this is my very first build and I'm feeling a little nervous as it is my first time (heh). Would you pro's look over my choices to let me know if I've made any rookie mistakes? Also, do things seem pretty matched up (i.e. no overkill or bottleneck situations)?

I've done my research pretty well (at least I think I have), but, I would really appreciate any and all advice regarding my selections. Looking to do some good gaming and minor Photoshop work. I know there are better GPU's out there, but, I'm pretty decided on the one I've chosen...that and I can always SLI a second one later on if it isn't enough (unless you folks tell me I'm being dumb, which is always a possibility). I'm also going to eventually add an SSD, and if things get too hot maybe a better cooling system.

CPU: i5-4670k
GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 760 2GB Video Card
Motherboard: ASRock Z87 Extreme6 ATX LGA1150
Ram: G.Skill Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600
HD: Seagate Barracuda 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM
PSU: 600w

Thanks in advance for the advice!
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  1. It looks OK to me (but I'm not an expert). Will you use the stock CPU cooler? What's the PSU model? And case?
  2. I am planning on using the stock CPU cooler unless things start getting hot, but it's very cool and VERY dry most of the year where I live (Northern China).

    The PSU is some Chinese brand that was recommended to me by one of the IT guys I work with...supposedly a very popular and decent PSU here. I could give you the Taobao link, but, you'd have to be able to read Chinese!

    As far as the case goes, I'm planning on just picking something from the local computer store. I'm not worried about the case as it doesn't have to look pretty or anything, it's just going to be sitting behind my TV (which I currently use as my monitor)...I'm just going to make sure I get one with good ventilation.
  3. It's OK then. Make sure that the PSU has the necessary number of PCIe power cables for the graphics card.
    Post back after installing the system.
  4. Holy crap man (just looked at your references). Not an "expert" my butt. Thanks for the OK on my build. I'll be building it starting tomorrow...well, that is I'm going to order everything tomorrow, we'll see how long it takes for the Chinese companies to send everything. Good call on the PSU cables. Very much looking forward to putting this sucker together. I'll be sure to post my results.
  5. Make sure your 600w PSU is a good and reliable brand.
  6. So unfortunately due to everything being in Chinese and the title of the ad saying 600w, I was surprised when I opened the box this morning and noticed that the PSU that came in the box is only 500w. My own dumbass mistake of trusting the IT guy at work who said it would be fine because it's 600w and not getting the ad translated better on my own (though he's Chinese and I figured he'd read it more than just the title). I used a wattage calculator and it says that what I'm using will require a minimum of 500w. Is the minimum good enough? Or am I making a mistake if I keep it?

    What do you guys think, do I need to bite the bullet and try to send this back and get a 600w? Or do you think the 500w will suffice?

    Thanks for helping this newbie out.
  7. Will you intensively use the graphics card and CPU (like games or similar applications) or OC? If yes, then return it and get the 600W one. I've searched the site and it seems that the only option would be:
  8. Darn it. That's what I was afraid of. The last part (RAM) will be showing up in the post in about an hour and I was REALLY looking forward to getting this sucker put together. Guess I'll just have to wait some more. Thanks for the suggestion pal.
  9. I went looking around the Tmall site and was able to find a Cooler Master GX II 750w. I know that Cooler Master doesn't have the best record, but, it seems like this PSU gets a pretty good score (at least from the website that I was looking at: ). Given that it's not much more expensive than the 600w one that you found (thanks for that by the way), do you think this would "future proof" the system? I plan on probably adding another GTX 760 and doing some overclocking (which also means a better CPU fan as the stock one probably won't hack it) in the future once games get to the point of needing it. I'd probably throw a SSD at it along with another HD at some point as well. The recommendation for two GTX 760's in SLI is a minimum of 700w...but it also recommends a minimum of 500w for my system as it is, which you said is no bueno. Thanks for the continued help!
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    If not OC-ing, the 750W would be good, but for OC-ing and SLI I'd go with the 850W Enermax (on the same site)
    It's more expensive though.
    Here are some tests that might help:,4.html
  11. Whew...that's a bit more for sure. I think for now I'm just going to use the 500w and be careful about not intensively using the graphics card, and I definitely won't be overclocking (since as you mentioned, if I was going to do that I'd need more watts). I've done QUITE a bit more research and many have said that in a normal system, 500w should be enough (even Nvidia's page)...and I don't have a normal system as I don't have an optical drive, SSD, or any fancy lights or anything...and I'm only using one HD and the stock CPU cooler. I figure if it starts giving me problems then I know I've got to upgrade, but as this is my first build I'm pretty sure I'll be ecstatic with the performance even running conservatively (especially coming from a laptop...albeit a very nice one with a dedicated graphics card, but nothing compared to a desktop I'm sure).

    Then later on as things progress, I'll buy another graphics card, aftermarket cooler and the Enermax 850w you recommended and get to some overclocking! Thanks again for your continued help (and actually as you are a "Motherboard Master" maybe you can help me with my motherboard BIOS issue...see the only other question I've posted here...don't want to ask it in this thread as that would confuse the issue)! This newbie appreciates it!
  12. You're welcome.
    So, how's the system working, as I see you've solved the other issue?
  13. Well, just getting Windows installed now...and other than that slight other issue things are going swimmingly (heh, at least so far)! Thanks again mate!
  14. You're welcome. Good luck!
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