Need help on deciding which RAM to get. DDR3-1600, For a Gaming Rig.

The motherboard supports DDR3-1600 slot. I have been looking around for any kind of RAM. I'm no expert on RAM and its my first build. My buddy says that heat sink RAM keeps it from welding to the motherboard and is totally worth it [like the Corsair Vengance]. However, I have been researching and found that heat sink isn't really necessary. I have no idea which one to believe since this is my first time building. I have also just seen a Heat paste of some sort, I don't know if its worth looking into though. I don't want to buy anything expensive if its not worth it.
Rig so far: MSI H87-G34 Motherboard, Intel Quad core i5 unleashed. MSI R7770 1 GB Graphics Card, 1 Terrabyte/8GB Hybrid Drive in the AZZA Solano Case.
Thank you!
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    When it comes to RAM there isn't really that much difference. Besides the frequency the other thing you should check is latency, but in my opinion it won't make that of a difference in your gaming performance. Now if you are going to overclock a model with a heatsink is a better choice and I don't think there is a significant increase in the price. In the end it really comes to the manufacturer. Corsair is a great company, most of my parts in my pc are from corsair. Awesome quality and their warranty policies are pretty good as well.
  2. Thanks, I just ordered the rest of my parts and I ended up going with the Corsair Pro Vengence. Can't wait to finish this build!
  3. Good choice.
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