Trying to Remember an Old Game for Nintendo (NES) or Atari

I'm trying to remember an old game and it was either for the NES or Atari. I've been looking for days all across the web and still no luck. I've actually been looking for years but I keep getting exhausted searching and give up every time I try to look for this game.

I remember it having 8 bit graphics. 2d side scroller. And you flew a small pod almost looked egg shape and i think it was a light red sorta pink/burgandy color I believe. You flew the pod around collecting resources like fuel mainly to take back to your ship. You mostly went into underground caves. The pod shot out a line/grappling cable to connect to the resources and you had to fly them back to your ship. You could only take one item at a time back to your ship. The resource slowed you down depending on how big or the amount of it was. The larger the slower you'd go. I also think that the resources just said the name of what it was. Like fuel would just be the word FUEL if I remember correctly. There were also little creatures that were connected to the sides, tops and bottoms of the caverns in the caves which shot out dots (color I can't remember) which damaged your pod. If your pod took too much damage it would explode and you'd have to fly your little astronaut guy back to your ship to get a new pod. If your astronaut got damaged while outside the pod he'd instantly die I believe. After you collected enough fuel for you ship you'd get back into it and it would automatically fly to the next planet and you'd have to gather more fuel all over again.

If I saw a screenshot of this game of the actual gameplay I would know it right away. I think I played the game when I was either 2 or 3yrs old. So it'd be 1988 or 1989 is when I played it. Not sure when the actual date of when it came out was though.
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  1. I think you are talking about Cammander Keen? I only played this a handful of times back when I was about 10 years old on my friends IBM 486. I'm sure you had to get supplies for your crashed ship and bring them back using a little pod... or am I getting confused. Check google images and let me know.
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    Quick google search, if it's not Commander Keen is it maybe a game called 'Thrust'? Was originall released on the BBC Micro but was later ported to a whole host of platforms including the Atari.
  3. Thank you Poprin for your quick responds. The game looks a little different than what I remember but I do believe it is Thrust. It looks very similar to what I remember. Now I just need to find a download for it so I can play it to make sure.
  4. Like balloon fight?
  5. I am looking for the same exact game and I'm sure it's not any of those listed. I'm pretty certain it's a Nintendo game. The controls were sort of like Asteroids but your ship got better overtime as you got more materials.
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