Upgrading my old PC ~ Phenom II

Hey there,

So i got this Nvidia GTX 650 Ti taking dust, i thought i could replace my currently used HD 4800 with it. But is there any CPU i can put on MSI 785G - E53 to keep up with it ?

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  1. Just upgrading the GPU will make a big difference, what CPU do you have at the moment? It is an AM3 board, so your best bet is to get a nice Phenom II X6 on ebay

    Would x4 be good enough ?

    Is it even good idea ?

    Im currently running with Phenom II x2 245 ^^

    I thought i wont b able to use whole of this gpu power with that CPU. I believe the amd im using now is on similiar level.

    Also i cant seem to find them in shops, are they out of distribution ?
  3. I found X6 1100T in my country, but isnt it too much ?

    theres also x965 BE right next to me, would it be good call ?
  4. ok bought x965 be :P seems like it can let this gpu fully go
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    Yes the X965 is a good chip, buy a cpu cooler if you want to overclock it a lot. If you mark my answer as best answer that would be great, thanks!
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