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Have had a few problems with internet connection lately , dropouts & disconnections , Bought a new Fritz.Box to replace my getting old Billion 7402 VGP . Problems still persist , currently have a C10 Central Line Filter , with a short run of phone cable to wall plate currently separated into 2 x ethernet plugs on wall , one is for phone other for ADSL , I do run VOIP calls however do still also have a PSTN paid phone connection . I today ran a CAT6 cable in conduit from Central Line Filter down wall into where my computer / router is , later I will be running CAT6 to Lounge Room for TV , PS3 & HDD Recorder , Later still another 2 x CAT6 cables into Bedroom ( all separate runs are < 50 metres ) . I have purchased a Gigabit 8 port switch to make all these connections ( at a later date ) , for now I want to make sure that the connection from the Central Line Filter to 2 x Ethernet wall plates is correct . I have read that to get Gigabit speeds I need to keep double twisted pairs ( unsure ? ) . My question / help needed is what / which / how many wires do i hook up to have this connection correct & run at Gigabit speeds ? What colour wires to use on the CAT6 cable & where they get Krone'd into female wall plate connectors , keeping the same set up as I currently have , 1 Ethernet plug for Phone & 1 Ethernet plug for ADSL . The connectors I am using are Clipsal Actassi CAT6 RJ45 Jacks . I have tried to find this on many forums & searching on Google but cannot find the answers directly I am looking for . I live in South Australia and would appreciate any help that anyone can give so that this new connection will hopefully run at Gigabit speeds & resolve my disconnection / dropout problems . My brother works for the ISP I use & has done a line check on my number & has come back all good , I have replaced my Router , replaced new quality CAT6 patch cables so am guessing the connection from within my premises is the problem that needs to be fixed . Any help would be greatly appreciated !

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  1. Is the drop out because of wifi and so your moving the socket down stairs or the line? if it's the line it could be the Filter.

    As your just using the cat6 as a phone line extension you can just use any pair, one for the adsl socket and one for the phone.

    If the current socket has more than just 2 wires punched down to make it look neat you'll have to work out which pair is the live one.
  2. The dropouts are the router not syncin to adsl , not wifi dropouts . Replacing the old crusty phone cable with new CAT6 , a few years ago I had trouble with noisy line on the phone & internet dropping out heaps , I had a cabler guy around & he checked continuity thorugh the line & said there was a problem , however there was still good pairs on same line , so he changed them over . He said possible cause was mice chewing cables or cable had been kinked on a sharp edge etc . Since living here I have never pulled / touch the cable , but now it is giving me grief again I am replacing with a new cable & placing it in 20 mm flexible conduit .
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    I think if it's a RJ11 plugging into a RJ45 for phone it will be pins 4,5 for the modem or 3456 if you want the 3rd ringer wire for the phone.
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