Budget programming workstation under 700$

Hi everyone,

I am building new pc mainly for programming here is what I finally come up with. Please see if I should change anything. Also any parts I forgot.

CPU : i5 4570
MoBO : Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H
RAM : 2 X 8 GB Corsair value select
Cabinet : Corsair mid tower atx 300R OR 400R
SSD : Samsung 840 series 120 GB
PSU : 450W corsair

I Dont
> need Motinors
> CD/DVD writer. ( will use older one )
> need Keyboard/mouse

I am from India.

Q: If I plan to purchase a decent graphic memory card later in future, do I need to change any of above build?
Q: Do I need an extra fan for above build?
Q: Any parts I forgot

Thank you very much in advance
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  1. looks good, you do not need 16 GB of RAM for a programming desktop, but it does not hurt to have it.

    No, but you will need to check if the psu can support the addl power consumption at that time
    No, but fans start from 50 rupees ($1) so it does not hurt to have 3 (one inflow two outflow)
    How about a standard hard drive? you can fill up the 120 GB very quickly.
  2. Thanks for the reply Half. Please can you suggest a Graphic card . please feel free to change above configuration to form good combination. I also want to tell you I want to relax my budget further to accommodate graphic card. I am now looking for a build less that 60k to 70k INR . It is much appreciated if you can also reply AMD fx8350 BUILD.
    Many thanks again
  3. Here is a good link to graphics cards.

    You take the AMD 7790 or the NVIDIA 650 TI Boost for decent game performance, but remember that your power requirements will change now. I use this a lot and see if you like to check out how much your build will need.
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