well ventilated airflow cabinet under 90$ or 5000.Rs

I had my eyes on cooler master HAF 912 and NZXT tempest 410,tempest 410 by far the best one but, it turns out I can't get those around here, so now I'm half minded about Cooler Master Chassis K350.I couldn't find any cabinet as good as NZXT tempest 410 it has a very good airflow solution so any suggestion ?
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  1. Can you get Corsair cases?
  2. maybe I don't know, I need to look it up do you have any suggestion ?
  3. Look for Corsair Carbide Series cases, find one you like
  4. OK this is my short list and I still can't figure it out

    cooler master k380
    cooler master HAF 912
    cooler master HAF 912 Combat windowed version
    Antec Three Hundred Two AB
  5. depending on your system this case would make a fine replacement. depending on availability in your area.
  6. I have used the 300R windowed , but I added 2 fans to the side and top
  7. I did a lot of digging around and I might be able to get two of my original favorite so this is my final short list
    Cooler master HAF 912 Combat windowed version
    Corsair Carbide 400R
    NZXT tempest 410
    (this one might cost more than the actual face price, because i need to get it shipped from far still, I wouldn't mind spending on it if it's better than other cases)
  8. Get the one you like the looks of the best and maybe add a couple fans
  9. there is so much dust around here,and it gets pretty hot too, you know I'm leaving near a sea and right below the equator so you get the picture, I'm tired of cleaning my cabinet every month for a whole day. so my first priorities are cooling, dust filters, cable management, size, layout over build and look I don't mind even it is these is my final short list

    Cooler master HAF 912 combat Review
    Corsair carbide 400r Review
    Cooler master k380 Review
    Lancoolpc K-58 Review
    (or anything from the Dragon series )

    while first 2 are pretty popular and costs a lot more, the 2nd two cost pretty less and functionality is almost same, esepecially from Dragon series it has a bit more option for lesser price I just can't decide which one to chose. please help me out.
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    You could get the K380 and 2 120mm fans, one on side as intake and one in rear as exhaust, that'd be pretty good
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