DDr3 VGA on DDR2 motherboard

Can I put 2 graphics cards both of them are DDr3 on a DDr2 motherboard that support crossfire and sli?
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    Yes, no problem. The video cards have their own memory controllers and onboard memory that works independently of the system ram.
    Most modern gaming build will have ddr3 ram in the system, but gddr5 ram on the video card. They don't need to match.
  2. Post your motherboard brand & model (to be sure you can support dual graphics cards...)
    And, your powersupply brand and wattage as well as the model of GPU's your are planning on (to be sure they are compatible with motherboard and each other. And, to be sure you have enough power for them...)
  3. Thx guys, i upgraded my pc now and it support ddr3 memory sticks, wohooo!
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